Do you stock synthetic fabrics, polyester, silk, felt, zips, wool or crochet cotton, fleece or cheap fabric.    

Sorry, no.

“When can I see your shop and where is it?”

Because the shop is a part-time business it is open by appointment only.   Once you make contact then I can give directions – it is approx 5 mins from Exit 13 of the M50.

The shop is not on the high street.

“What is a fat quarter?”

A fat quarter of fabric is a 1/4 mtre (or yard) approx 20″ square, the ‘fat’ meaning a half of a half metre – if you require a ‘long’ quarter (approx 10″ x 42″), please specify by leaving a comment in the box provided at Checkout.

“How do I order a metre of fabric?”

Increase the number in the Quantity Box (at Checkout) to 4 for a metre, if you want 3/4 of a metre then increase the Quantity to 3 and so on.

WOF (Width of Fabric)

In most cases is 112cm/42″ if larger it will be stated.

“Can I pay by Credit Card?”

Yes, to facilitate a secure payment system Fabric Matters uses Paypal as it is easy to use the Paypal system and money is transferred immediately. However, if you do not have a Paypal account you can pay by Credit Card.

Limitations have been placed on the website with regard to bulky items i.e. Wadding and Boards – both are in stock but are not currently shipped automatically.

The Contact Line is not always manned – please leave a name and number and I will get back to you as soon as is possible 01-4946320.  An email may get a quicker response but as mentioned our responses may end up in your Junk Mail.